News / An explosive wave of hiring is expected. A Rockville company made a big purchase with that in mind
Apr 26, 2021

An explosive wave of hiring is expected. A Rockville company made a big purchase with that in mind.

Having navigated the past year through the teeth of the coronavirus pandemic, Sanjay Govil is betting on an economic recovery and wants to serve the companies that will fuel the boom.

Fresh off his company’s purchase of IBM Corp.’s cloud-based talent management software unit — which includes IBM Lead Manager, BrassRing, and Onboard software suites — the founder and chairman of Infinite Computer Solutions Inc. is looking to deploy his new tools to support some of the commercial industries most affected by the health crisis and help them rehire personnel sidelined during the pandemic. 

“Goldman Sachs recently came up with a forecast that the unemployment rate in the U.S. will fall to 4.1% by the end of 2021. There are going to be millions and millions people being hired,” said Govil in a call with the Washington Business Journal. “Everybody wants to hire from the same talent pool, so there’s going to be a lot of competition.” 

That competition figures to be fiercest in the commercial services sector, where the restaurant, travel, hospitality and other industries will seek to dramatically restaff once Covid restrictions are lifted.  

To hire the talent they need, companies must have efficient talent recruitment, management and on-boarding capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. 

That’s where Infinite’s IBM acquisition comes in. The Rockville information technology services company, which offers services across health care, government, telecom and financial sectors, can now deploy cloud-backed software-as-a-service tools across the entire recruitment lifecycle, from applicant tracking to new employee onboarding. 

So how did Infinite go about securing these tools? It goes back to both Govil’s core strategies in establishing his company in 2001, as well as a past history with IBM (NYSE: IBM). Govil began his career with the company and Infinite has maintained a partnership with IBM as it has grown over the past two decades.  

Govil said because of its strong working relationship with IBM, Infinite was able to demonstrate its ability to maintain the high standards established by the company to acquire its talent management business unit. 

“It’s important that this product is housed with a company which can actually take this product forward, continue meeting the stringent requirements that IBM imposed on itself and that the clients would accept Infinite to be a partner of choice to these companies,” he said. “As a result of this deal structure, we’ve been able to acquire over 200 different global customers.” 

Govil said employees from the talent management software unit, which an Infinite spokesman confirmed to be more than 200, will likely be added to the company’s current office footprint.  

But outside of the acquisition, the company is positioned in a number of markets that have garnered increasing attention in the technology sector, from 5G capabilities, telehealth services and Internet of Things tools to fuel smart services through a partnership with Qualcomm Inc.  

That, combined with the talent management software, offers Infinite a robust portfolio to navigate the post-pandemic. All it needs now is the job boom.  


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